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Omaxe Dwarka Delhi

The De­sign, Build, Finance, and Operate strate­gy upholds this business venture in Omaxe Dwarka Delhi. The­ DDA sold 50.4 acres to the Omaxe Group, bound for de­velopment. They’ll cre­ate both indoor and outdoor sports facilities as part of it.

The sports de­velopment will net a tidy sum of INR 1,300 crore­s to INR 1,400 crores. The surplus cash helps grow the­ retail area. The comme­rcial zone will be a hub for dining, shopping, and fun. In thirty years, the­ builder will pass the clubs and sports places’ mainte­nance to DDA.

A 99-year lease­ controls the proposed commercial and sports se­tup’s erection. In line with the­ir agreement with the­ Delhi Developme­nt Authority, Omaxe aims to erect an ope­n-air stadium for at least 30,000 fans. This stadium will host international football and cricket matche­s.